Love or Obsession?

When I first saw this picture, I thought "Wow, talk about being obsessed with your car!"

But after a few seconds of staring at this image I laughed and wondered if others think my love for interior design borders on obsession.  

So, my question to ponder for the day: 
Where do you draw the line between love and obsession?

While you're thinking about it, notice that amazing wall made out of grass and the stacked wood focal point!  ;)
Have a great day. M.

PS: Emily Clark is hosting an amazing give-a-way today on a children's rug, if you are in the market for it, click over and enter (it's free)! Emily Clark 


  1. I am so showing this to my husband..this is hysterical!!!! But clever beyond words..WOW!

  2. I wonder if it all grinds to a halt when a little bit of gravel gets in the works? And if the owner turns purple if there's a leaf out of place?

    I would SO want to put a gnome in there...

  3. I was right. I just showed him and he said: "Oooooo, me-likey". He's yammering on about it right now.


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.