The Magpie

I have a really great friend who claims to be a major magpie (which always makes me laugh).  She claims to be a total sucker for anything shiny.  

So, I have to ask . . . are you a magpie?  

P.S: I wanted to say thank you for all the emails I received yesterday.  The blogging community is the best!  As I've watched the news (with many of you I am sure), I have been amazed at the resilience of those hit the hardest by the storm.  Many areas are still without power, but people are beginning to clean up and are truly thankful in the midst of this disaster.  Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Have a great weekend.  M.


  1. Absolutely!!! Love some shiny gold:)

  2. I'm definitely a magpie - a joke since childhood when I used to fill my pockets with rocks from beaches, unpaved driveways . . . I just loved anything that was remotely sparkly.

  3., love, love. Queen of the Magpies heartily approves!

  4. Alison (aka magpie),
    In case you didn't realize this earlier, all friends are free game for blog material! M.

  5. Wonderful post and inspiring images. I am glad I found your lovely blog, now following!

    Have a wonderful day!



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