Most Fun Day

I woke up yesterday not feeling very enthusiastic about my day(really wanted to sleep in), but it turned out to be most interesting.  I met an amazing artist who is in town for a few days.  Her name is Ashley Terrell.  Her work is simply stunning.  

Ashley lives in Mobile, Alabama and is in Birmingham for a couple of days showing her artwork at the beautiful home of one of my clients!  The whole house was abuzz with people when I stopped by yesterday.  They were serving yummy snacks; and Ashley's artwork was sprinkled throughout the entire home.  There was even a piece outside as you entered the front door!  Such a fun time. The weather was perfect for it, too - warm and sunny. 

Sorry for the grainy pictures, but all I had was my phone.  That's me (sunglasses on my head - told you it was a pretty day) with the artist!  Her work is so amazing and incredibly affordable.  

This piece is huge!  Notice it is in front of a set of french doors and totally blocks this entrance to the sun porch.

These pictures are not a true reflection of how beautiful the artwork is in person.  I love my phone, but the quality of the photos is very grainy. 

 I think this one was titled "Storm Clouds."

Here are a few examples of some of her small pieces. 

 Several of her works had this metallic accent overlay on them.  Very cool. 

This was my favorite; and of course, it was already sold! 

She will be in town for one more day.  So, if you live in Birmingham and need some large affordable artwork, you must stop by.  The show is at the home of Anne Cobb who lives in Crestline (121 Crestview Drive).  If you are not in Birmingham, then go to Ashley's blog and shop there.  
She will gladly ship her work.  

PS: I'm finally going to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta this weekend (happy dance here - it's been way too long since I've made the trip)!  If any of my blogger friends are going, I would love to meet you in person.  Please let me know!  M.  


  1. Oh, hate to miss Scott's this weekend, but we've got a family event happening. Maybe next time! Love Ashley's work-- always exciting to be introduced to talented artists. Thanks for sharing, Mandi!

  2. Wish I could get over there. These paintings are lovely!

  3. Wow- her artwork is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love the color she uses. I could see some of those pieces in my home!! I also love the style of the home the art is in! :) Have fun at the market!

  4. So the colors.....they would add such warmth to any room. Lovely home she lives in...have fun!

  5. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely love the hazy greeny and grey palettes!

  6. How lovely. Would look so pretty in my dining room. I will check out the website.


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