Ms. Meyer - What Are You Waiting For, My Dear?

Dear Nancy,

As the days tick on,  I continue to wait patiently for your next venture.  I am in much need of a good chick flick.  So, I have to ask, what is the hold up?  I can only hope that you are working in secret on your next amazing film; and it is to come in late May (early June, at the latest)?  

I know nothing about your industry, but I thought a little inspiration might help; and believe it or not, this place is available for filming at your convenience! 

It's in South Africa.

Which might be a little out of the way.  But, I can see it now.  

Jake Gyllenhaal plays the lead . . . 

Along with Charlize Theron as his love interest.

In this house!!! 

With this pool!

Hanging out in this space.

What do say?  Can we get the ball moving on this?!

P.S. In case you are wondering about my tiny obsession, let me explain by asking you to click over to the best post I have EVER read on Nancy Meyer and her interiors, I mean her films.  It will explain everything! M.


  1. How goreous!!! I am going over to read the best post ever on Nancy Meyer since I am a huge fan. Looove these pictures..can almost feel the warm tropical breeze..ahhhh

  2. I'd watch any movie filmed in that house! Especially with Jake as the leading man.

  3. That is the most incredible interior (and house). I might have a slight nervous breakdown though, living with all that white. I would probably be constantly carrying a bottle of bleach around.


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