Photo Grouping

I have posted in the past about our playroom and freshening up the space.  As of now, nothing has changed in the way of fabrics.  But I did add a few extra photographs to a large wall in the space and thought you might like to see the results.

I hung this grouping using the same tools and technique I used with the plates in my dining room.  I started by first placing the frames on the floor and moving them around until I came up with a layout I liked.

Once I got my layout, I traced the frames onto newspaper and taped these pieces to the wall to make sure I had the perfect spacing.

To hang the grouping, I used my favorite picture hanging tool to get the nails in just the right spot.

I worked my way up from the bottom (this is the easiest way to do it with my hanging tool).   

The trick to a high end look is selecting really clear (in focus) interesting images, putting them in similar frames and using all black and white or all color images.  

I have collected these particular photos for years.  In fact, sometimes, I only find one or two a year (out of the hundreds that we take) that I think are frame worthy.  I also love that they are candids and not formal posed photos.

 Here's more information on the frames.  They are by Canopy and are around $9.50 a frame for the 8x10 (with the matt).  They are from Walmart (yes, I said Walmart).  Here is the link for these frames.   The one I selected has a thicker frame which I actually like better.  This is the only brand of frames that I like at Walmart because it has the same high end look as more expensive brands.

Here is a thinner version that is a bit cheaper at $8.44 each (set of two $16.88).

Look how similar they are to this Pottery Barn frame which is on sale right now for $23.00 each.  This adds up quickly when you want to buy enough for a large grouping.

When I purchased mine, I went ahead and got 14 of them.  The others are stored until I get the perfect picture.  If you don't go ahead and purchase the total you need, they will stop making the frame and then you will have a mismatched grouping.  Now, I love a grouping with lots of different frames; but it does not work when all the frames are the same except for two or three.

When I finished hanging the photographs, I cleaned up the room (took out two huge garbage bags full of junk!) and took these pictures.  It's amazing how much better a space feels when you just clean up.  BTW, that closet holds my sewing machine and fabrics.  Maybe at some point I'll show it to you!

Now, I think the room is at least presentable.

As an aside, I think my daughter has the interior design gene too.  This was her idea of adding some artwork to the space.

At least she didn't draw on the walls!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  We are going to have a rough patch of weather today, but the rest of the weekend is suppose to be beautiful!  Have a good one! M.


  1. I'm a Canopy frame fan, too. :) Found them a while back and was impressed with the quality and look for the price. Great thought to stockpile them! Love the grouping!

  2. You are one clever cookie! Love the way that came out..and is there any better art than that of your kids? NO WAY!

  3. I love your arrangement. Much more "ordered" than other gallery style photo groupings and I love that. The symmetry thrills me and I love how personal the photos are.

  4. Excellent. I also loved the black and white pictures. Very artistic!!!

  5. Love your photo turned out lovely!!!! I adore that fact that you used a sweet collection of B&W photos for a more cohesive look :)

    xx Cat brideblu


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