Project in Progress - Master Bedroom

I recently posted about this fantastic burnt orange velvet I found as an accent color for my Master Bedroom.  The room was very neutral and really needed a pop of color.

Well, here's what I did with it!
I made one large accent pillow for our bed.

I also added this greek key tape which was left over from my ottoman project.

I still think the room needs another pop of orange either as a throw at the end of the bed or maybe a pillow on the bench at the end of our bed.  But at least it's a bit of progress.   

That's all you get to see for now!  As soon as the project is complete, I'll show you the entire room. 

Hope you have a productive day.  M.


  1. The orange does add a great touch of color! And the greek key...such a classic! Take care, Caroline

  2. I love orange and it looks good it your room! I am actually in the market for an orange sofa. My desire is to get a deep orange velvet sofa,but I gotta be practical! Love the Greek key detail!

  3. Love it! I love orange and this looks just exquisite..well done!!

  4. Beautiful! Love the Greek Key tape, too. Perfect combination. Maybe some lovely orange flowers in a vase would be the extra pop you're looking for?
    Have a blessed weekend!

  5. Rust and orange are so hot right now and I think you will be glad you added that....I am not sure what your art work is but maybe instead of another textile with that color in it...what about art?????

  6. It looks so good! Especially with the greek key accent. I could use a little greek key in my life :) Off now check out your ottoman.
    Have a great Easter!

  7. Orange and greek key= great combo. Im looking for some rust fabric, checking this one out.


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.