Projects I Want To Do

If you have not discovered Pinterest, I am about to rock your weekend!
I am not really even sure how to explain what Pinterest is except to say members of pinterest will "pin" anything and everything on the web that is meaningful to them.  Then you get to check out what that have found!

I absolutely dig what Shayla McCallum pins on her page.  Frankly, I had trouble deciding which of her folders to show you!  I landed on "Projects I Want To Do," but she has so many that I love.  In this folder, she has pinned DIY projects that she likes.  So basically,  it's the cliff notes for DIY projects.  Yeah, just in time for the weekend!  Enjoy!

Here's one example. 

PS: I've never tried to link to Pinterest on a post, so I do hope it works.  I know there are limitations to what you can access on this website without being a member, but membership is free.  So, if you can't access it, I would encourage you to sign up for an account! 
Happy Weekend. M.


  1. Running out but bookmarked have given me my late afternoon "homework" sounds like such fun and so intriguing!! Thanks....will let you know.
    Doing a great giveaway..stop by!

  2. Great idea for a headboard!
    I'm glad you mentioned Pinterest. I noticed some of my blog traffic coming from there and headed over for a peak. I'm still a bit confused as to how to properly credit a photo found there, but - WOW - is there ever a ton of fabulous ideas and photos to be found!!!


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