TradHome This Week!

OK, I have lots of fun pictures from Scott's to show you, but I am too busy today to get the post up and running.  So, please stay tuned for these sometime this week.  

For now, I wanted to let you know TradHome (which I posted about here) is launching a sneak peek of its magazine this week!!!  This is a new online magazine for Traditional Home.  If you want to get a sneak peek of the magazine, click here and subscribe

One random thought: we have a commercial grade mirror in my daughter's bathroom and I really want to make it feel more special.  I was thinking about putting a mirror on top of the mirror.  Here's an example, but I was thinking of a more traditional frame.  Also, in this picture it looks as though it's only the frame and not an actual second mirror.  Would love your thoughts on the idea.  
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I am almost thinking that it's the wall sconces that make me love this and not just the mirror.  The wall sconces would be cost prohibitive and make me think I should just wait and get what I really want, rather than a cheap fix on this?  What do you think? M.


  1. I think its always best to wait and get EXACTLY what you want...because you will never be 100% happy knowing you made concessions. We spend so many hours in our homes, that are supposed to be our my humble opinion that is one area that no sacrifices should be made and you should have things exactly as you want them..even if it means waiting! (although somtimes being really resourceful and getting a deal somewhere can help expedite that process) Love mirror on mirror and of course the sconces are the crowning touch!

  2. I agree with TEH...mirrors are a fairly easy things to change out if you really want something different. Having said that, I do love the layered look and I'm sure you could find sconces in your budget- I'm sure it will be gorgeous either way.

  3. I love layered mirrors as a cosmetic fix! The sconces are a lovely touch, too. If you're really anxious for the change I would maybe do a framed mirror over your existing one as a quick fix for not alot of money and when you can afford to add the sconces, go for it!


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.