Clever Idea

I stumbled up this picture recently and thought it was beautiful.  I love how the homeowner did not sacrifice the natural light with the traditional placement of a mirror or choose to move the vanity to a different wall.  Instead, they came up with a practical solution to make the vanity work in this space.

The result is quite wonderful.

PS: If you voted in the coolest small home contest I posted about on Friday, the winner of the contest was announced yesterday and it's  "Jordan's Light, Location and Vibe" (this is the home with the dedicated office).  Congrats to Jordan!

Now, go out and make today your own!! M.


  1. Hi! This is my very first time here. You have a really cool blog! :-)

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  2. This is really clever and as you said they didn't sacrifice one ounce of beauty! Perfect!!

  3. That is such a great idea...for a common issue with the window over the vanity...thanks for sharing! Take care, Caroline

  4. Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention...clearly here it was a wonderful decision....


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