Malachite & Spin Off Trend Prediction

Malachite has been around forever, but it really jumped out at me as a new design trend when I saw the malachite roman shades in the featured home of Casamidy in the May issue of Elle Decor.  Then all of a sudden, I started noticing it everywhere. 

 I realize this comment is going to date me, but here goes it.   When this happens (things start jumping out at me) I call it a "6th Sense" moment (for those of you not born when this movie came out, just know it was very innovated for it's time).  Remember when you first realized Bruce Willis was dead, then it was so obvious he had been dead the whole time (when during the entire movie you didn't notice).  WELL, that's what I'm talking about here.  Now the stuff is everywhere for me!!!! 

Regardless, I think it's going to be a fun trend for the summer.  
As with all trends, there is something for every price point.  


Screen ($1,900)



Bath Tub
And just so you know, you put one of these in your master bathroom, and you are going to be in style for the entire summer!!! (smile here)

And I always say "go big or go home", so if going to get the tub . . .  What?  Oh no!  It's definitely not too matchy matchy for that space! (smile again).

Urns ($4,000 for the pair)


All kidding aside, if you love the look and want to affordably add a bit to your space, check out these options I found.  I would definitely consider incorporating one of these into my home.

Small Faux Malachite box ($15.99)

Large Faux Malachite box ($38.99)

Spin Off Trend Prediction

With every trend like this, there are spin offs, as well as the merging of trends.

So, here's my prediction.

You have malachite . . .

And you have Peacock patterns (which have been hot for a while).

In comes  "Marbled Peacock"  Like this. 

Now, I realize that marbled peacock pattern is very old (you see this type of paper in the front covers of tons of really old books).  But this old print is going to be made new again, with the merging of these two styles.  Can't you just see a pair of pillows in a fabulous marbled peacock fabric!  

That's my prediction.  Enjoy your day! M.


  1. I want one of those boxes! You are right, it has been around forever!

  2. I don't care if I date myself...I LOVE malachite, its so rich and elegant! Love it....timeless and old world..what a gorgeous color. That box and those window treatments, that tub...oh my, its all so beautiful!

  3. Those roman shades do my head in!

    So GOOD.

  4. Love the marbled peacock designs. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that for awhile.


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