Place Settings

In our dining room, we have an oval table (or round when you remove the two center leaves).  I was thrilled when we first got it.  But after a couple of months, I found I didn't like the table when it was set for dinner.  It just didn't look right to me, but I couldn't put my finger on the reason.    

Sometime later, I attended a luncheon at a friend's house who had an oval table.  When I walked into her dining room, I gasped at how beautiful her table looked with the place settings.  Midway through the meal I had an "ah hah" moment.  She had round placemats.  This allowed her to adjust the angle of the place settings to accommodate the curve in the table.

This one change had a huge impact - it was the difference between night and day.  So, that afternoon, I went out and bought a set of basic round place mats.  Like these.  

A few of you have asked about this ruffled placemat I used on my Easter table this year.

 I did buy them with the ruffled edge, and no they were not expensive.  Yes they are woven (not linen) and they are easy to clean.  I take a small brush (you can find this in the cleaning section of the grocery) and gently scrub with soap and water to remove any stains.  Here is a source for them if you are interested!  

As usual, I couldn't stop once I found a source for the ruffled version.  There are lots of options out there for round placements.  Check out these finds!  

These would be a wonderful way to dress down the table. 

Similar to my ruffled version, these are a bit more casual and not as girly.

Dying over these capiz shell mats.  They would be an investment.

You could get a similar look with this less expensive version.  But, of course, I like the first ones better. 

Although this one is a charger rather than a placement, I had to show it to you.  It is stunning and would make the most beautiful formal place setting.  

Those were my favorites for this shopping excursion!  If you have an oval or round table, consider a round placemat for your next party. M.


  1. I have a very similar table in my dining room-- so I am going to try this!! Thanks! Caroline

  2. So the ruffled placemats and those shells ones are stunning!! I can get so crazy over place settings..such fun setting a gorgeous table, isn't it?

  3. Wow, these are all great. Love the ruffles on your Easter table!

  4. Wow, the capiz shell placements are so amazingly beautiful. Love it!


  5. That is too funny...I have a round dining table and I hate the way square placements looks...I never even thought of the round placements. I think because I've always had rectangle simple, yet completely overlooked!

  6. Great advice and what awesome options! Thanks for sharing!

  7. And now I've just had an 'Ah Ha' moment too :)


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