Project in Progress - Stairwell Lighting

So, yesterday I gave you a run down on my thoughts on stairwell lighting.  I mentioned I was working on lighting for a client's renovation.  
I thought you might like to see what we selected for her stairwells.

Since we were dealing with stairwells that were dark and a bit narrow, we decided to go with wall sconces.  I first found this fixture and thought it would work perfectly in the space.  It's the right style and has a really low profile.  It's also simple with a current look.

These are $265 each and we needed 6 of them (three for each stairwell).  So, we're talking around $1,600.00 for lighting.  These are beautiful with leather detailing, but our goal was to provide light with low profile simple sconces, not make a statement with the lighting (or the price). 

So, in comes one of my favorite lighting resources, Lamps Plus.  You have to dig a bit, but you can find some amazing deals.  Here's the look-a-like we ended up going with for her project.
These are $60.99 each. So, a total of  $365.94 for all the stairwell lighting!  The key element - same exact profile measurements (juts out only 4" from the wall).  Man, I love a good deal!! 

Btw, it also comes in a double light if you are looking for a brighter fixture.

I hope you have a great weekend.  We are having some wonderful weather here in Birmingham, and the count down has begun for the last day of school - only one week left!  We will be out enjoying our weekend.  I hope you do the same. M.


  1. Great alternative choice! I like it just as much! Take care, Caroline

  2. Too funny, I have these earmarked as my sconces when we finally get around to replacing the lighting in our stairway. I can't wait to see the finished result!
    Btw, I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to you today. Please stop by for more details!

  3. What a great look for less! More money to spend on other things!

  4. Great looking....and what a savings. I am impressed and they will look fabulous.

  5. Awesome. Guess you just have to do you research. Hope your client appreciates all the money you are saving her for fabulous style!

  6. I love these sconces, but our house is both modern and traditional (lots of crown moulding, etc. but has geometric print rugs and neutral furniture with straight lines) and I'm wondering if you would recommend them for a house like that? Thank you!

  7. Anonymous- I do think these will work with both styles but scale is just as important. These are not super large fixtures so measure your space and look at the dimensions of this fixture before you buy. Hope that helps you!


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