Rose Vase

A couple of weeks ago, Kirsten over at 6th Street Design School did one of her fabulous "round ups" on Etsy Vases.  In addition to the fact that her blog is just all around amazing, her round ups always undercover for me new Etsy shops.  

When I saw her post, I just clicked right on over to Morrell Decor and snapped up the silver plated trophy like sugar bowl (in the top right corner)!  And within a few days, it arrived with the sweetest handwritten note from Lori thanking me for my purchase.  If you have not purchased from Etsy before, I'll tell you the personal service is great.  These artisans and shop owners truly love what they do, and it shows!  

So, here's the rose bowl's new home (at least for the moment)!

Our roses are starting to fade a bit, so I decided to cut some oak leaf hydrangeas instead. 

 A Tip: To make your cut hydrangeas last longer, crush the tips of the stems before placing them in water (as opposed to oasis).  This does not work with all flowers, but it does with this particular one! 

If you have time, I would encourage you to check out some of Lori's other offerings in her Etsy shop Morrell Decor and visit Kirsten's blog 6th Street Design School.    
Have a great day! M.


  1. I am convinced I could hole myself up in my home for 1 week and not leave my computer and go on blogs and Etsy all day long and discover way too many great things, do you know I haven't really gone to Etsy yet but keep hearing SOOOO much about it..guess I am scared to, it might unleash an uncontrollable shopping urge (yea right, who am I kidding like I don't have that already!)
    Great post and it looks gorgeous!

  2. The vase is beautiful! Your flowers look so good in it.

  3. Love your piece of furniture and your artwork. Great little vignette!

    I bought something off of Etsy last week and it came with the sweetest note. I just love Etsy and try to support it as often and possible!

  4. I also love the etsy round ups that Kirsten does! I haven't bought on etsy yet, but plan to soon! I love using a bunch of shops for my design boards! It's such an affordable way to have beautiful things in your home! (And I love your new blog design!) :)


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.