Website Highlight - The Queen of Craig's List

I have a little treat for you today!  The Queen of Craig's List  is a weekly post blog by Danielle from Washington, DC.  Danielle has a primary blog, Fresh Quince, where she posts daily thoughts on interior design and other hip and happening stuff.  

But, every Friday, she selects a city in the US  and puts together a list of all the great Craig's list finds for that week.  I'm always shocked and inspired by what she finds.  If you have time, pop on over and check out the deals!

  Danielle, when are you coming to Birmingham?!?!! 


  1. I love neat. I am always in awe of what people fin on Craigs list, being a non Craigs list user, I am fascinated to see what others come up with. I will go over now...thanks!

  2. Oh how neat! I just stopped by and I am never that lucky! I guess I need to visit Craig more!

  3. Great premise for a blog! Must check it out.


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