Bathroom Vanity Idea

Bathrooms are notorious for having a cold, sterile quality to them.  Here's a great idea for making a rather uninteresting bathroom feel high end.  

A simple skirt for the vanity area in a large scale print coupled with an upholstered chair (you would traditionally see in a dining room) in a neutral color, yet fun print.  Notice the double welting on the chair in the contrasting fabric of the skirt.  Love this look. 

Such a simple idea, but it adds tons of impact.  The other great thing about this idea is that you can make it work with almost any style, depending on the fabrics you select. 

Happy Monday! M.


  1. Great idea! I love skirted vanities! Take care, Caroline

  2. the softness that it gives to an otherwise cold bathroom, the idea of incorporating fabric is a great one! This is a beautiful bathroom (sent you an email this morning)

  3. Love this. Too bad my bathrooms are too small for a vanity :(

  4. Love the skirted vanity! Such a pretty and tailored look!



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