Bergere Chairs

I'm working with a client in her formal living room.  At the moment, all the furniture in this space is considered "leggy," meaning there are no skirted pieces.  So, the effect is what I would call a "nervous" room (only for drinking tea and interviewing boys who come to pick up a teenage daughter).  But all that is changing!  She really wants a cozy, comfortable room for escaping with a good book or for enjoying an evening cocktail with her husband.

So, we are going to edit out this pair of bergere chairs and fill in with a pair of skirted chairs to create a more interesting and cozy vibe.   

The great news for you, she is selling these chairs for a steal of a deal.  They are in a neutral silk damask with a wonderful gimp trim, and she's asking $500 each for them (retail value $1,100.00 each).
Because, they are so neutral they will work in a number of places - very versatile.  Look at all these examples of how to incorporate this type of piece.  

Flanking a Fireplace

Paired with a skirted sofa

Paired with skirted chairs and a sofa to create a larger seating area.

In a Nursery

As a beautiful seating area in the Master Bedroom

The possibilities are endless.  I very rarely advertise this type of thing for my clients, but I know these are beautiful chairs and are a great price.  If you live in the Birmingham area and are interested, you can email my client directly - Janet's Bergere Chairs, and arrange for pick up.

Have a great day! M.


  1. Wish I could snap these up! Perfect for my office makeover... oh well! I'm sure they'll find a good home. :)

  2. Hey! How are you? I love the second image with them flanking the fireplace!

    Loving the blog! - Shaun

  3. I have some chairs just like that and they can be used anywhere!


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