If You Build Your House On Sand

I was catching up on some interior design reading a couple of nights ago and saw this in the most recent issue of Coastal Living.
June 2011 Coastal Living

Believe it or not, this really is someone's home, not just some crazy styling for an outdoor furniture advertisement.  The home is in Portugal in the town of Comporta which is a rural area described as "wild beaches full of birds and dolphins."  The exterior of the home is made of straw that grows in the area, and the flooring is heated concrete with a nice thick layer of beach sand on top (so it's warm and toasty in the winter months).
Their children play indoors with pails and shovels (no, really).  My favorite line, "A cleaning lady comes in: she goes over the sand with a big rake."  I truly have so many questions here.  I can just see my children hiding their half eaten sandwich in the middle of the room.  Also, I guess you would really need to consider that annoying "no glass bottles" rule at most beaches.

I would love your thoughts!?  If this won't get you to comment, then nothing will.
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  1. I saw this, too, and thought CRAZY! But it's intriguing at the same time... no vacuum battles with sand tracked in and you can have your toes in the sand 24/7. I'm guessing no shoes, too. :)

  2. Wow....never have seen anything like that! I cannot imagine, I HATE the feeling of sand in my toes so this would make me nuts. On the other hand, you never have to worry about what the kids are spilling and it staining, you just rake it over..lol. Now the dog is a whole other story!
    Interesting but very strange.....to each his own!

  3. Holy crap. I don't know what to think about this!!! Crazy.

  4. Hmmmmmm. I think I'd love and hate living here.

  5. This look like fun in other people's home but I definitely don't want it in my own home. Honestly, I don't like sand in between my toes but I think cleaning is easy! No vacuuming, no mops, no dusts, and no sweeping but still, nope, not in my own home! Love the interesting concept, though.


  6. Beautiful space but not sure I would want the constant upkeep with the sand in the house. Thanks for sharing-

  7. ahaha, my dream house !

    Love it !!
    I want one ! its perfect !!



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