Latest Obsession - Shield Shades

Shield shades, sometimes called half or half moon shades, are really an old french style lamp shade, but they are popping up quite a bit these days - this photograph is from the newest issue of Lonny Mag.

 I think these shades are a wonderful element.
Not only are they beautiful, but they allow you to use a larger lamp in a narrow spot where an ordinary lamp shade wouldn't work - like on a mantle.   

Also, since they are open on the back next to the wall, the light from them washes the wall and anything on the wall (like artwork or interesting architectural features like this rounded ceiling).

The smaller versions are more commonly seen on wall sconces.  This allows for a very low profile sconce that works in a stairwell (which I talked about here).  

But I love the really large ones for table lamps.  These would look amazing on a buffet highlighting a great piece of artwork.  

Also, since the shield shade allows you to push the lamp closer to the wall, you get more table top space.   They are perfect for bedside tables where you need the extra space for accessories or other bedtime neccessities.  Other places to consider them - on a kitchen countertop for decorative lighting or even in a shallow bookshelf.

While the original shields were very french, these days you can find them in many different styles.

These have a modern vintage vibe and are handmade by an artist who can customize the look. 

If you want to try them out on lamps you already own, here are some options.
I love the gimp trim on this one.  It gives it a very formal style.  This one is smaller and could be used on wall sconces or smaller scale buffet lamps.

These are a bit larger at 8" high and would work on most table lamps. 

If you are looking for something even larger, I would consider having them custom made so you get exactly what you want for a particular lamp.  Here is a source for custom made shield shades (you have to call them with your order).

Have an amazing day!  
I am going to be traveling for the next couple of days, so I will not be posting until later in the week.  See you back here in a couple of days! M. 


  1. I never knew what these were called! Thank you! They are beautiful and different which I love.....such pretty examples. Have fun traveling....

  2. What a cool post, Mandi! I love learning something new... I always thought these were neat, but couldn't really visualize what they'd look like in a space. Thanks for filling in the gaps. :)

  3. Have not really thought about shield shades before...but totally see how I can use them now! Take care, Caroline

  4. I've been noticing these myself. Now I don't have to wonder where I can find me some. Happy travels!

  5. Very cool- that first photo and the lamps in it are AMAZING!!

  6. Great original post topic! I've been wondering about these kind of lamp shades because I have seen a few around, but not in stores.

    Thanks for the info!

  7. Interesting, never would have given these much thought until now!


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