Rock My Boat - Offices

Here are a few office pictures I've been collecting for a while now.   I think they are all interesting in different ways.

I love how the books and accessories in this office really show up against all the white furniture.  Then the contrast you get with the one black chair and pops of pink.


Another example with white furniture but what draws me to this one is the wonderful wall color - sort of a smokey/blue gray.  I also like the very vintage traditional desk and simple chair paired with the more modern open bookshelves with the chrome brackets - nice combo.

This one feels glamorous to me.  I think it's the curvy table legs (yes those are two tables rather than a desk which is clever), the pops of pink and that beautiful landscape painting hung oh so low on the wall.

OK, I realize this one is really more of a work space rather than a single office, but I love it.  I think a space like this can actually make you more creative!  Is it just me?  I think a great office/work space encourages you to get your work done!  Draws you into the space somehow and makes you want to get busy.    

Wow, there are some many things to talk about in this example.  First, the wall color is almost a blushy pink and notice the curved ceiling and the fantastic lantern.  But it doesn't stop there, see the two additional pendant lanterns that are hanging near the wrapping station (notice they are not centered on that wall).   I say wrapping station b/c of that large roll of what appears to be paper.   The painted floors are fantastic (if you want to read more about painted floors, you need to jump over to my friend Shart Hart's blog Design Indulgence where she bravely painted all her hardwood floors white for an amazing freshen up).   Sorry, I disgress.  Lastly, notice the large circle of pink with floral accents on the wall above the wrapping station.  So interesting.

This office space is much more masculine.  I adore the beam work, the painted brick columns, and the wall of windows/french door.  It's all working for me.  Although I love the look of all the photographs, I'm not sure I could work in this space everyday.  It might be sensory overload for me.

Here is a close up of a well appointed desk top.  All the things you need for work do not have to be mundane or utilitarian - like rubber bands, paper clips etc.   You can make them look pretty.  For me, when I'm organized, I'm more productive.

The wall art, the lamps, the colors in this space.  My mouth is watering.

Usually, too much wood in a space makes me crazy.  I think you can totally over do it with casement pieces.  But in this case, the white walls and painted ceiling give your eye some relief from all the wood and contrast it nicely.  I also like the groupings of artwork and open white shelving.

This photograph is the first one I saved on offices.  It is ringing all the bells and blowing all the whistles for me!
Soak it in.

I love the idea of a lounge spot in the office.  Also, the fact that the walls and the desk area are painted a single yummy color, makes the space look larger.

This office space feels like a little get-a-way to me.  Almost as though working is a bit of an escape.

Another pink office!  I see a theme here and I really didn't think I was a fan of pink.  I guess I am secretly yearning for my very own office space.

This office is a nice balance between feminine/masculine, traditional/contemporary, light/dark colors.  I also love those low alcoves in the shelving unit.  Wonderful.

Just a little visual escape today!  Enjoy the rest of you day.  M.

PS: I have been saving these photographs for awhile so I'm not certain I have all my sources correctly linked.  If you see one that does not have proper credit, please email me!  They are all fantastic, and I want to ensure the proper person gets credit for these spaces! Thanks. M.


  1. I'm always trying to figure out what to do with my office. When we moved in I had it painted pink. I wanted it to be a very feminine place just for me. But, now it serves as a holding area for unfinished house projects, items that are going to be donated, and things that need to go up to the attic. Not pretty at all.

  2. Oh, these office images are the home we are about to move into has a very visible office (off of the family room) these pics are giving me some great design ideas! Take care, Caroline

  3. Perfect timing as I have an office to do right now! Needed some inspiration! And thanks for the shout on my white floors. I am so in love with them! I can hardly believe they are mine :)

  4. Wow - great round up. I LOVE the first office. But I'm such a sap for silhouettes, that might be driving my interest.

  5. The large doors with the glass ceiling is stunning

  6. What a gorgeous the first one and the one that is done in the gray tones with the huge iron windows....all stunning and very inspirational.

  7. It can be good to get some ideas out of these wonderful pictures. But I must say that when designing your own office, it is better to put your own personal touch. An office— no matter how beautiful it can be—won't be inviting and comfortable to work in if it doesn't fit your personality.


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