Things I Learned Last Week

We have been sans peeps for the past week.  They have been spending time with my parents at the beach, and the break has been wonderful for all of us.  I've gotten a ton of things accomplished, along with some much needed rest and relaxation.  

Here are a few things I've learned (or forgotten and relearned) during my little break from the kiddos.

It's already too hot to exercise in the afternoon.  With temps over 100 when you venture out, you look like you jumped into a swimmng pool.

Frank Stitt really knows what he's doing in the kitchen and in his cookbook (I sort of already knew this one, but just made his flounder with succotash for the first time this season and was blown away, again).

Argentina makes some amazing white wines.  They have a tiny hint of citrus, similar to what you get from a New Zealand white, but more subtle and crisp.  This one goes great with sushi, by the way. 

This thing is NOT a gimmicky infomercial.  It rocks!

When you use it with this stuff . . . 

Your skin feels like this . . .

A man really can kill an entire day on the golf course. 

I still love to sew more than ever.

The Summer Camp "What to Bring" list is one of the most comprehensive things I have ever read.  (I think I'm the only thing not on the list.)

You can spend so much money on camp list purchases that your credit card company thinks someone has stolen your card!  

It makes me so incredibly happy when a client is blown away by what I've created in their home using their stuff. 

Newborn babies are so tiny and cute; and I love that a brand new one lives right next door so I can go over and get my baby fix.

Date nights are the best.

So is getting to sleep in. 

That's what I've learned. Have a great week! M.


  1. I LOVE this put a smile on my face. Love Argentinian white wine, sleep such an underrated luxury, camp lists..oh yea you can break the bank! Soft skin....the best! A newborn baby even better:) Sorry you lost me on the sewing and
    Enjoy your day and your peace!

  2. Ah, I always do these "What I Learned This Week" posts over on my personal blog... so fun to reflect and recap! Glad you recharged your batteries but I know you'll be happy to see your peeps. :)

  3. What a wonderful post!! Those are some great things to learn!! Take care, Caroline

  4. All great things to be reminded of!

  5. Sounds like you have been counting your blessings!


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