Whew . . . Plus Some Random Goodness

I've been volunteering at our church kitchen for VBS this week feeding over 100 people each day.  It has been exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.  I've also met with a couple of new design clients in the afternoons, and I can't wait to share these projects with you over the next few months.

All in all, it's been crazy busy; and to be honest, I feel a bit like this . . .

But, as you know, this is nothing a weekend can't remedy.  So, I thought I would kick off our Friday with my top 10 favorite finds of the week.

Enjoy your weekend. M.


  1. Love the snow hat on the dog!! So cute! Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Take care, Caroline

  2. I'm loving the silver finish deer antler! My husband has several of the real deal and I've been tempted to put a silver finish on one of them... wonder if I could talk him into it, or should just wait until his next fishing trip? ;-). Happy Weekend, Mandi!
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  3. You are doing a wonderful thing!! That picture is a riot. Love all the things you are loving....especially the coral and the blue and white chair...gorgeous!! Enjoy your weekend:)

  4. You are a good person :)
    I love that bell & the antler. The doggie hat is so cute! I wonder if my dogs would be caught dead wearing one...


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