Back to it . . .

With school just around the corner, I am feeling the need to get organized.  In fact, in many ways I feel like back to school is sort of the second New Year's for me.   I find my self thinking about starting anew when the kids go back to school.  So, I'm putting together a to do list of massive proportions.   Things like - a new exercise program, completing projects around the house, parties to host, AND getting organized.

Here's one little step in the right direction.  I found this on pinterest (it's amazing what you can find there), and man o man is it appealing to my Type A tendencies.

Any guesses what this is? 

They are plastic grocery bags and a tutorial on how to fold them into this convenient little shape.  Be still my heart.  Do any of you do this?  I know most of you are taking your own bags with you to the grocery, but I actually like to have a few of these around to use for other things.  So I recycle them, but mine are not organized like this!

Hmmm. . . wonder how much I would have to pay my kids to learn how to do this and get that cabinet organized? Have a great day. M.


  1. i know you are organized, but that is over the top! Time is better spent elsewhere!

  2. OK I have seen it all. This would be totally out of my realm, and I would not have the patience required to do this, but am in awe of anyone who can and would be insanely jealous to walk into any ones house that I know to see their plastic bags so artfully arranged! WOW, thats all I can say.

  3. I need to try this! I have a ton shoved under my kitchen sink right now!

  4. wow...this is organized...
    I just put my bags in a fabric quick and easy, the sleeve is on a hook in my laundry room..but what an attractive alternative..

  5. This is a little over the top. That being said, I corral mine by shoving them into empty paper towel rolls. The rolls make for great dispensers. Not as pretty as the origami triangles pictured, but it keeps them from sprawling under my kitchen sink.

  6. i tried folding two today after my walmart & western trips...let's say i left it at two!!


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