Design Perspective: Beckwith interiors

The very talented Jamie Beckwith.   Most of the images I have included from her portfolio are more traditional, but her work spans all different types of styles.

Here are my favorites . . .

I would never shut those doors if this place were mine!  It feels like one long room.  Also, notice the blocks of wood above the window in this image.  This innovative product is available for purchase from Ms. Beckwith's website.

Love the herringbone patten inside this fireplace and the matching floor lamps.

Look at the detail on this fireplace surround - beautiful.  Also, I love the mirrors and hanging hardware on the bookshelves.

Notice the wall space between the upper and lower windows. This is a great way to get the floor to ceiling window feel in a space without all the windows - the draperies also help to create this look.

   To check out her other offerings visit her website.  Enjoy your day! M. 


  1. Been a fan of theirs and love their work. So beautiful!

  2. Oh, her store in Nashville is also gorgeous!! Take care, Caroline

  3. Hard to imagine, how do they design the interiors in such marvelous,Beautiful way.

  4. They're all amazing, but that last picture is my absolute FAVE! I love brown colors!

  5. complimenti per il blog, mi unisco tra i tuoi sostenitori. Clementina

  6. The first image is the most incredible room I've ever seen... saved it to my dream home file!


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