Eye of the Magpie - acrylic box love

When we were relaxing at the beach a few weeks ago, I had time to really read and absorb the current issue of Traditional Home.  One item that caught my eye?

This room . . . which was designed by Patricia Healings and Dan Barsanti for the 2010 Hampton Designer Showhouse.
I love how they have used yellow to create a neutral palette in this space - which, if you have ever worked with yellow, is difficult to pull off!   

But what really caught my eye - that acrylic box on the console table behind the sofa.  I love it! 
I'm not even sure what is in that box - it looks like a book of some sort, but this idea has so many possibilities.  

As I have mentioned (way more than once) I think a room really needs to include items that are unique to the homeowner and meaningful to them.  Items that can't be duplicated by just running out to the nearest home store.  This acrylic (or glass) box is an excellent way to do this.  
You can put anything in the box unique to your family, and it will instantly become special and a true conversation piece when friends come for a visit.
My husband has this very old pistol that belonged to his great, great, great Uncle (the original John Smith T).  It's really a work of art.   It's currently sitting in a shoe box (in the attic) not being appreciated.  I really need to pull it out and put it in an acrylic box.
I guess this is a lesson in do as I say, not as I do.  
So, I am putting it on the to do list!  I'll of course share pictures when I make it happen.   
What do you have in your space that is unique to your family that you, too, could highlight with an acrylic box?  I would love to hear about it!  M.


  1. How neat! I definitely think the pistol deserves it's own acrylic box!

  2. I put my baby shoe in an acrylic box instead of having it buried in my closet. Definitely bust out the pistol!

  3. This is a great idea! I am going to think about what I can display...most likely something inherited from my grandparents...Take care, Caroline

  4. What an interesting post - I haven't seen these before - such a clever idea to preserve and display something special!


  5. It's such a great way to modernize a sentimental item...I have a pretty evening bag that used to belong to my husband's great grandmother. It is too delicate to be left out in the open, but an acrylic box would be just perfect.

  6. Your question got me thinking! I have many things I love but nothing is overly precious! Love your inspirational pictures, by the way!

    Anyway, I am hosting a new giveaway so stop by and enter for a chance to win a piece of fabulous jewelry of your choice. :)


  7. When my mom passed away I kept all her jewelry. She has some pretty funky pieces that I do have in a glass box. It is a daily reminder of how chic and adventurous she was.


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