House Bling - Front Door

Since every door needs a little glam . . .

Starting with my favorite - hard to believe door hardware can make me swoon!  I  just adore the look of this one.


All these offerings are from Rocky Mountain Hardware.  And sadly, I'm not being paid to show them off! But, they are simply too beautiful not to share with you.
Notice the rope/beading detail around the plate and the ornate pull of this one.


 This one reminds me of "The Other Boleyn Girl."  The deadbolt alone would make a stunning dinner ring.

I love how this one has a hand worn look to it, like this door has been opened so many times that the handle is smooth to the touch. 

More beading and an oval plate - so elegant.

This one reminds me of a mountain resort, maybe the Ritz at Bachelor's Gulch.

Don't forgot the door knocker!

Here's a modern version.

And one perfect for a rustic cottage.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out today! M.


  1. Gorgeous! My favorite is the 1st one! Take care, Caroline

  2. Stunning! This could not have been more timely as we are in the throes of selecting hardware so thank you! I am in love with that first one too...stunning!

  3. I've never seen those before! Just gorgeous... Love that first one.

  4. So funny, I have been battling the urge to update all of our interior door hardware! So many choices out there now. Thanks for sharing, M!
    xo Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  5. Love these hardware especially the first one and the door knockers!

    Have a great day!


  6. Oh boy, these are making me really wish our HOA allowed something other than boring brass. :) Really, really lovely.

  7. where is the modern door knocker from???? LOVE it! Thank you!!!


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