House Spy - Needle in a Haystack

Over the weekend, I was perusing the real estate listings for Charleston, SC, and I came across this stunning island retreat.
Am I in the market for an island retreat, you ask?  No, but to be perfectly honest,  I could use a little getaway right about now.  With all the hot weather and family togetherness I am enjoying, I've heard, "MMMOOOOMMM . . . I told him/her to stop, and they won't" one too many times this summer. 

Sorry, totally digressed. . .   As I mentioned, I came across this picture.  Beautiful, right!?

With this kitchen . . . 

I thought, "This kitchen looks familiar," but did not think much about it beyond that.  Then, I decided to check out a few of my favorite interior design websites to see if I could find something pretty to share with you.  Well, look what I immediately found!  It's the very same kitchen.
 Talk about a needle in a haystack.

As an aside, the above image is from the Loraine G. Vale's website,  and it is so much prettier than the one on the real estate listing page. 

This beautiful home is the interior design work of Loraine G. Vale.  And it's currently for sale with Daniel Ravenel, Sotheby's (in case you're in the market and itching to part with a bit of cash).

Look at the size of this foyer - very grand (not to mention that ultra cool chandelier).

Another view of the kitchen.

One huge benefit of having two chandeliers is that you can create a very tall centerpiece (one that floats above your guest).  

Wondering if the wine comes with.

Vino and a soak sounds pretty good to me.

So, I must ask?  Was this a weird coincidence or just plain fate?  No matter, the count down for back to school has begun here at the Smith T house; and these images gave me a little mental vacay! Hope they do the same for you. Happy Monday. M.


  1. Wow stunning home, can I come visit? I LOVE the kitchen its so warm and inviting but still really elegant and semi formal looking. Thnaks for can relate to that "Mooooom" when my son was younger, I said if you say it one more time you are going to your room for an hour, a few min. later he wanted to ask me something and said "Tina?" gotta give him credit for being And of course I totally melted into a big smile.....such is the life with kids.

  2. I adore that kitchen and entry!! The blog world is small no?!


    Art by Karena

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  3. The enchanted home - that is the cutest story - Clever boy! M.

  4. Beautiful! I'm going to Charleston this weekend I can't wait! Maybe I will stumble upon this gorgeous house!

  5. Wow... these pictures are breathtaking! What a gorgeous home!

  6. What a gorgeous kitchen! It's so warm, elegant and inviting. And that light fixture in the foyer is so unique!

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  7. WOW now that's a dream home, thanks for sharing.


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