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My friend Rachel Gray is guest blogging here at the Muse for me!  Her blog has become one of my daily reads, and I hope it will for you too! Rachel, take it away . . . 

Hi everyone! I'm Rachel Gray popping over from my new blog - Just a Touch of Gray. I'm so excited to be posting here for you today! I've had kitchens on the brain lately, so I thought I'd compile a list of my favorite kitchen trends. Renovating our kitchen was a top priority when my hubs and I bought our first home last year -- if you saw the before you'd know why :). Hubs has a passion for cooking {lucky me!} so we spend a lot of time in our kitchen. And isn't it funny how everyone always gathers in the kitchen - no matter how big or small! We have put a lot of thought and time into multiple phases shaping our 1960 kitchen into what it is today. We're still not finished yet... lots of details to complete before the big reveal, but we feel so close to checking it off our list. Here are some things we considered while doing so...

Top 10 Kitchen Trends to Love: {in no particular order}

1. Subway tile:
        Ah, the classic white subway tile backsplash- clean, simple, versatile, and inexpensive. What's not to love? It works in contemporary kitchens as well as traditional. You can mix things up with dark or light grout colors, add some dimension with a beveled edge, or use a smaller sized tile for a totally different look.

They didn't just stop at the backsplash -- they went all over the walls!
White subway tile with white grout -- such a clean look
close up
Used here with gray grout - makes the rectangle shape stand out 

2. Lighting
       Has anyone else noticed how far lighting in kitchens has come? I am drooling over kitchens that have the ceiling height and the space to hang glorious chandeliers.

What a fabulous fixture for a kitchen! 

This gorgeous kitchen designed by Candice Olsen has not one but TWO chandeliers!
I mean get out. LOVE this light! 

3. Two tone cabinetry
        I love seeing islands with a different color cabinetry than the rest of the kitchen. Mix up the granite or keep it all the same... it all works for me!

Gorgeous dark island in the midst of a light and bright kitchen
Opposite here! They changed it up a bit going with a light colored island - love.
Not your typical kitchen colors

Now this is just about perfect in my eyes. I mean look at that oak island... it's just stunning! 

4. Colored Cabinetry
        Although I'd be too timid to try this in my own home, I'm loving the fun colors pouring into kitchens these days. It's a bold move, but it is so refreshing to see!

Aqua lowers and white uppers = awesome {via}
A soothing green
 I'd have to call this owner/designer fearless. This color would never make it onto cabinetry in our kitchen {hubs is the cook, remember?} but how fun it would be!

5. Rugs
        Some of you may cringe at the thought of having a rug in your kitchen, but I beg you to reconsider! If you're feeling as though your kitchen is too simple or borderline boring a fun rug could make all the difference. Sometimes just a little color and warmth is all you need to liven up your space.

this photo was the inspiration for my kitchen runner!

6. Carrara Marble
        Need I say more? Backsplash, counters, floors... I'd take Carrara marble anywhere I could get it! Yes, it may not be the most practical material for counters, especially for kitchen use, but this stuff is just too gorgeous not to embrace!

Looks great with light and dark cabinetry
Carrara subway tile backsplash -- so pretty with the white cabinets!

7. Floating and Open Shelving
        Floating shelves or even cabinets without doors can make a kitchen look much more open and airy. There are tons of beautiful kitchens floating {no pun intended} around the blogosphere using this trend. I happen to be a big fan of it -- more room for decorating!

8. Statement Hoods
        I love it when a hood commands attention in the room. The bigger the better! Whether the material are the same as the cabinetry or totally different {stainless steel, copper, etc} I'm all for beautiful hoods.

A large copper beauty... I can hardly take my eyes off of it!
Look at these beautiful, chunky corbels!
Love how this one flawlessly fades into the ceiling 

9. Art
        Usually the kitchen is not the first place people think of to hang art, but it can add some color and creative flair to an otherwise plain kitchen. Take a look at these inspiring spaces bursting with personality.


And last but not least...

10. Dining tables IN the kitchen
        I'm not just taking about bar stools around an island. I'm talking straight up tables IN your kitchen. Now this is not a look you see everyday, and in fact I've never actually been in a kitchen with this feature, but how clever! I mean the kitchen is where the party is at, so why not just serve right off the stove!

Well that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 Kitchen Trends to Love! Feel free to stay tuned on  Just a Touch of Gray to see which ones we incorporated into our own kitchen reno {still in progress}! I can already tell you there are several!

Thanks for having me on our amazing blog, Mandi! Hope you all have a great week! 

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  1. Love her ideas and implementing many of them in my own kitchen:) The statement hood, white marble, subway, two tone, lots to love!! Great minds think alike!! Great post!

  2. What a cool round-up! I'm a huge fan of subway tiles and rugs in kitchens. Thanks for sharing!
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  3. Love looking at these amazing kitchens. I live in a wonderful colonial... lots of smaller rooms, nooks and crannies. My kitchen is tiny in comparison. I love looking at these, wondering what I could do, staying true to the lines of my home, but adding a few new touches..

  4. I absolutely agree with all of these points- especially lighting, marble and rugs...the only one I might now use is the statement hoods- I tend to prefer really simple ones but that's just me:) A gorgeous round-up and fabulous post!!

  5. Great post and images! I'm using some of the same trends in my current kitchen reno and love them!

  6. Those are definitely my top 10! Now if I could just get a kitchen that incorporated *ALL* of that...(c: Happy to find your great blog, have a fantastic weekend!

  7. Gorgeous inspirational images! Agree with all your Top 10 kitchen trends! I just hope my hubby will let me repaint all our natural wood tone cabinets that we inherited from the previous owner for a fresh, new look.

    Great post!


  8. My dear, you must be a young one! You wrote:
    "I'm not just taking about bar stools around an island. I'm talking straight up tables IN your kitchen. Now this is not a look you see everyday, and in fact I've never actually been in a kitchen with this feature, but how clever! I mean the kitchen is where the party is at, so why not just serve right off the stove!"

    There are lots and lots and lots of kitchens "of old" that have a table in the kitchen...including the one I grew up in AND the one I have now :-) Old school but wonderful!

  9. Eye candy overload!!! Love how you broke down the trends. I want to paint my kitchen cabs but my husband loves the natural wood. blah!

  10. Whoa...some absolutely gorgeous kitchen eye candy there.....

  11. Love love love these kitchens - pinned some of these images on Pinterest and featured it in our monthly blog series - Pinspiration! Thanks for sharing... http://bit.ly/MlTrUN

  12. Glad to hear from fans of this tile pattern!
    subway tile


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