Find of the Day - Flower Artisan & New On Line Magazine

Usually, my finds of the day tend to be objects - an affordable accessory, a piece of furniture that I think is smokin' hot, or a really neat website.  Well today, I am revealing a person - Sarah Winward of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

I stumbled upon Sarah on Pinterest and found her incredible little flower shop Honey of A Thousand Flowers to be simply delightful.  

Her site is ultra hip, and she has some very interesting links to photography and food blogs BOTH of which will melt in your mouth.

  While exploring her site, I saw a post she did on a new online magazine - Kinfolk Magazine "A Guide for Small Gatherings" which was totally new to me.  Sarah was actually featured in the magazine.

And suffice it to say, I am totally smitten with it.

 This magazine has such a sophisticated home grown feel to it.  I know that sounds contradictory, but trust me, it is not!! You will just have to see it for yourself - Kinfolk Magazine.  When you have some time today, click over and check it out.

I hope you make the most of your day.
It's Wednesday, and we are on the downhill to the weekend!  M.


  1. Thank you! So happy to discover something new and wonderful..going to go visit her now, love her little flower shop!! So great to be back in blogland.

  2. How lovely! Her work is amazing! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx


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