The Garden

There is always this short period of time when our garden seems to be at it's peak and then within a just a few days, it begins to look burned up and dry.  Thus is life in the South.
 You really have to enjoy it while it lasts.  I adore sitting on our back patio with my hubby in the evenings enjoying a glass of vino.  It is a wonderful way to end the day.

I have the very rare husband who enjoys working in the yard.  (I know, I know, I'm very lucky!)

One of my favorite spots is this little area of our patio.  You can actually see it from the chairs in the picture above (it's to the right).  This spot is very shady and is really the only place impatiens are able to survive in our yard.  Do you see all those little plants under the bench?  Well those are impatiens that have self seeded from years past.  

Every year, we pick a different color for the pots.  And every year, they seed themselves and pop up everywhere.  It's hard to tell the color variations in these pictures, but they range from purple, pink to even a coral color. 

I love how they create a carpet effect. 

This is another favorite spot for me.  This plant (which I have no clue what it is), hopped a ride with us from our previous home.  We did not purposefully bring it, but it's so incredibly evasive (I truly think it is some kind of weed) that it was growing in the same pot with a plant that we placed in this corner. 

It self seeded and we decided to keep it.  What I love most about this plant is that at the very end of the summer (when everything else is looking dead and dry), it blooms the most wonderful tiny white blooms.  

Totally covers the entire wall in a sea of tiny white flowers.  When that happens, I know summer is almost over.  
When it blooms this year, I'll post a picture for you to see.  Reminds me of a wedding - I  think I say that every year.  
What do you like best in your garden?  I would love to hear about it! M.

PS: I just got an email from House of Fifty - their fall issue is live.  I think I'm going to have to do a post about my favorites from all thes new issues of on line magazines.  If you want to see all their hard work click here House of Fifty or go to my right side bar where I have links to all my favoirtie on line magazines.


  1. Your garden is truly beautiful! May you continue to get much enjoyment out of it!

  2. Really that's your backyard!! And your husband likes to work in it!! Where can I get one of those. We pay someone. I kill everything I touch.

  3. What an awesome post... nature is an amazing thing when we let it do it's thing! Can't wait to see the white blooms. :)
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  4. the white flowering vine is clematis paniculata. or autumn blooming clematis

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  6. Elaine,
    Thank you for the info on my plant! I had no idea is was a clematis variety! M.


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