House Bling - Ring my Bell

It's the little details that create a fantastic first impression. Why not update your doorbell plate and add some character to your front entrance.

Not into the electric version?  How about a good ole fashion knocker . . .

This one even has a cool peep door.

Also, I think a large collection of door knockers on a wall in your home would make the most interesting art installation.  There would be a story behind every single one!

The example below can be customized with your name in the large center area, or left plain for a sleek simple look.

This one is the bomb!  I can see it on a modern style home that includes lots of traditional touches inside.

Talk about a modern take.

My husband has an Aunt who has this twist style at her house.  When we go to visit, my kids wear it out.  I keep thinking they'll grow out of the urge, but at 11 and 9 yrs old, it hasn't happened yet.   It must make her crazy, but she never lets on.
The twist style so charming and vintage (at least when we're not in town)!


And if you have a beach house . . .

Or a mountain house . . . 

Let people know you're home in style! M.


  1. Hi Mandi! Awesome roundup of a usually overlooked design element! Love the little brass fox - reminds me of my horsey days!

  2. Hi, these are beautiful. Very inspirational!! Great ideas here!!

  3. We had the doorbell cover in the top picture at our old house. Here at our new house there isn't wiring for a doorbell, so we have an ugly, plastic wireless version. To make up for it, we do have a pretty cool door knocker though. It is in the shape of a dolphin :)


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