Let's Be Clear

OK, just coming up for air . . .
This is proving to be one very busy week.  I am juggling kids, design jobs, and back to school errands while trying to squeeze in a few last minute get to togethers with friends before school takes summer far far away!

With all that in mind, here are my random midweek thoughts.
I love all things clear, but I'm such a practical person that it creates a conundrum for me.  Initially, I think, "Wow, must have it." Then my mind immediately goes to "Wonder how often she has to clean that?" or "Bet they don't have kids - that would last about a nano second at my house."  But, I simply LOVE the look.  How about you?

I adore the idea of a frig like this. 

This is the kind of shop if you are even brave enough to enter with kids in tow you keep repeating this phrase, "Everybody - hands to yourself, hands to yourself, please."

I'd be looking up and staring at this fixture the entire evening - mesmerized.  

Did you notice the tool box used as a bread box next to the glass frig?!  Go back and look! 

I think this is utterly gorgeous, but I wonder how many kids how clocked themselves in a full out run into this glass wall? 

Talk about a focal point in a master bathroom.

This does not feel like an ordinary galley kitchen - breath taking. 

Simple and beautiful.

Sleek and modern - hard to tell where the inside or outside begins or ends.

Fresh and summery.

Uber cool!  Take a look at the roof garden.  

Elegant and glamorous. 

Amazing this place exists. 

Example of how grouping ordinary items in mass creates such impact. 

I think this is really sleek, but who cleans this tub?  It would be the death of me. 

Every kids dream bedroom.

Hmmmm. Really?!

Ohhhh -  the stories those fish could tell! 

What will they think of next?! 

all images courtesy of Pinterest

Have a wonderful day!  We're on the downhill to Friday - I see it, clear as day! (sorry, I couldn't resist). M.


  1. I love this post!! I too love clear s long as it is clean. I had to laugh out loud about the fence around the pool. I can totally see kids running into that, pretty indeed, safe? Not so much. Fun post, lovely images, Kathysue

  2. Great post, Mandi. And I have to agree, clear, glass and kids don't always coexist peacefully. Nice to dream, though!

  3. Really cool post, Mandi! Loved scrolling through these amazing photos!

  4. so beautiful pictures ! what a lovely post :) god job !!


  5. What an incredible post Mandi! I kept going back and forth, up and down to see that I wasn't seeing things. Unreal....will have to bookmark this to come back to it. In a perfect world, pure white decor, walls of glass and kids with dirty little hands will coexist beautifully!

  6. Love the eye candy, M! But I'd have to buy stock in Windex (or whomever makes it!) to pull this off! The pool totally rocks. :)
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  7. What a cool post - especially when you are so busy! I loved so many of these for their novelty, but I agree in practical terms they would drive me crazy! That pool with clear sides, as well as the pool with the clear walls were my favorites!

  8. www.saffroniabaldwin.comAug 11, 2011, 5:53:00 PM

    I love your postings. So interesting and entertaining!


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