Let's Go Craig's Listing!

This summer has really been a whirl wind.  I can't believe school starts next week.  I feel like we've just gotten into a summer routine!  Last week, we were able to squeeze in one more trip to the beach, and it was so relaxing - very hot, but relaxing.  We rode bikes, skim boarded (not me!), made tons of drizzle castles, and had some delicious meals.  Now, it's time for back to school prep.  You know the routine - haircuts, new shoes, decent bed time hours, and booster shots!  Here we go! 

With that said, let's distract ourselves with a trip to Craig's list.  Shall we?!  Here are my picks, along with thoughts and ideas on what I would do with these fantastic deals.  

Basic Dresser ($150.00)
I'm seeing more and more of these used in living spaces.  They are popping up as a piece to place under a flat screen TV (that's hung on the wall) or in a room as a focal point with a pair of lamps and a cool piece of artwork hung above.

As is, it's not really that exciting, but the basic shape is perfect for a little DIY project that will inject a huge amount of modern style.   First, I would remove the hardware and paint the entire piece a gray or cream.  

Then I would order these amazing O'verlays and apply to the front to get this look.  I would paint them either the gold, white or the same color as the furniture piece.

The above is my favorite design (and it's on sale right now), but I also love the greek key below and the oval circle pattern.  All of them would work amazingly well with this dresser. 

So, again, from this . . . 

To this . . . 


And no, I am not being paid for this advertisement!  In fact, I'm really wishing they were my invention at this point!!  BTW, a huge thank you to the ever snarky Bri at You, Me and a Wiener for introducing me to this product. 

Console Table ($69.00) 
This looks like a sturdy well made piece, and for under $100, it's a true deal.  Console tables are so versatile.  They work behind a sofa, in a narrow entryway or hall, as a buffet table in a small dining room, or even as a focal piece for a large wall (i.e., place chairs on either side of it and a large cool piece of artwork above it). 

So, what would I do with it?  Well, paint to the rescue on this one.  Depending on the style of your home, I would consider a bold color in a lacquered finish (if your space is modern) or a chalk paint (if you have a more traditional space or lots of french country furnishings). 

For a modern space, sort of like this. . .  

This is a more neutral look.

Or you could go with a turquoise color for a soothingly modern vibe. 


Now for the chalk paint example with a French Country look like this . . .

Hopefully, these have inspired you to look beyond the finish of a furniture piece for more possibilities.  Have a marvelous Monday! M.


  1. Great ideas!
    I'm dying to find a project where I can use O'verlays. That product is just genius. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.

  2. Great thoughts! I've been considering O'verlays for a small desk I just painted... thanks for sharing, Mandi!
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  3. Pure genius! I sense a wonderful new business opportunity in the making for you! I love your ideas, beautiful and brilliant!!

  4. Good selections. Love those overlays - gotta figure out a project for them!


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