Random Obsession

When I was a kid, I loved school supplies.  I totally got into going with my Mom to pick out my pens and pencils, the perfect binder, and especially the covers of all the spiral bound notebooks for each subject.  It was the only thing that excited me about the idea of going back to school each fall.  One year I specifically remember digging through the bin of notebooks to unearth the very last notebook with a headshot of Leif Garrett on the front.  Totally felt like I had won the lottery - girls asking me where I got it.  The whole nine yards. (If you are wondering what happen to Leif, it is a sad sad story - google him if you don't believe me.)

Well, yesterday I realized (as if I didn't know) that my obsession is alive and well.  This is what was waiting for me on the porch outside our bedroom when I got home!!!!

This little box . . . I have been anxiously awaiting.

I read a post earlier this week from Janell of Isabella & Max doing the same thing over a box of gorgeous wallpaper (which, come to think of it, would have the same effect on me since it's paper).

When I glanced over and saw the package, I tried to calmly walked to the door to retrieve it. You can imagine the anticipation of having to photograph the box before getting to open it.

Inside I saw this!
Do you see that sweet orange and cream string around the box?!   

These are my brand new business cards for my interior design company!! I decided to go with an oversized square card.  Mainly because the oh so clever Megan of Toast & Laurel suggested it.  With this design, the cards serve double duty as binder cards for my design plans too.

Here's a close up of the front of each card (sorry for the grainy pictures, the lighting was horrible so I had to lighten them up thus sacrificing on the clarity).

So, my fetish was throughly fed with this sublime prize!!
If you are into paper, it will do your heart good to go visit Megan and check out her offerings.  

Have a wonderful weekend.  M.


  1. Lovely! What is it about pretty paper that gets us going?? Headed to check out Megan's site now. :)
    Happy Friday!
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  2. Love them!! And the oversized look is perfect! Take care, Caroline

  3. Love these Mandy! Orange is my favorite color!

  4. Thanks for the visit to Bright Bold and Beautiful ~ it brought me to your sweet blog, and I love these cards!! They are stylish and my favorite color too!!

    xoxo Laura


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