Unusual Artwork - Thinking Outside the Box

Take a look at this art installation.  
Beach House Bridgehampton modern bedroom

This space is the design magic of New York based interior designer Amy Lau of Amy Lau Designs.  What I love about this art is the way it pops off the wall with the texture of the grasscloth as a backdrop.  Simply genius.  It reminds me of Queen Anne's Lace which is a very old fashion flower (some would even consider it a weed).  So many possibilities with this idea.  If you're the creative type, you could easily create your own focal point using a similar method.  

Happy Monday. M.


  1. What a refreshing idea and I agree - endless possibilities!

  2. Yes it is very textural, almost has a 3D effect, very interesting!

  3. It is quite beautiful and a clever way to cover a lot of space on a wall.

  4. Besides the art ( which is cool!) I love the brass candle thingy:)


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