The Weekend

On Friday night the kids were away, so we decided to stay in.  It's so rare we have a date night in our own house.  Since no one was screaming, begging, pleading for food, we decided to have a late dinner outside.  If you have ever been to Birmingham in late July, you know the later the better.  

These zinnias have almost faded, but I still thought they would be nice on the table.  I wish we had zinnias in our own garden - these are from a very sweet friend whose garden is bursting with them at the moment.  They also seem to last an incredibly long time once cut.


Notice the ice cubes in my wine - it's hot here people! And no, that is not a second bottle of wine - it's this incredibly yummy organic olive oil for dipping your bread. 

I served a lemon grilled chicken with melted heirloom tomatoes and orzo and crusty french bread.  I topped it all off with some parm grated on a microplane.  

When we make time to enjoy an evening like this, I always think, "why don't we do this more often?"  It's really not that difficult to make a meal special even when you are not expecting guests.  I think we just get so caught up in our routine we forget to stop and breathe. 

It was so relaxing time slipped away; and before we knew it, the evening had faded into night. 
Savor the summer season and make some plans for an evening at home. 

PS: I just got an email that the new issue of Adore Home Magazine is out!  I have not had a chance to take a peek yet, but I will be making time to do so!  Click here to see for a look see - Adore Magazine   M.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening to me! Beautiful set up!

  2. What a lovely evening! You have such a nice and peaceful have inspired me to do the same before summer is over! Take care, Caroline

  3. What a gorgeous setting and perfect evening! Totally magazine it, and your meal looks and sounds fabulous as well.

  4. I have a solution to your ice cubes. Buy the plastic ice cubes at Bed, Bath & Beyond & keep them in your freezer for just such a need!!

  5. Looks like such a perfect evening. I will have to plan this soon for the hubby and me... since our outside looks great but the inside of our downstairs is down to the studs!


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