Eye of the Magpie - Acrylic Box Update

In July, I posted about this amazing space.  

Specifically, about an acrylic box seen in the space.  

Well, I took my own advice and ordered a custom size acrylic box for a very sentimental item that has been in my husband's family for years.  It's a very old pistol.  Somehow, we ended up with it, and it's sat in a box in our attic for years.  Well, no more!  Here's it's new home.  

When I ordered the box, I kept wondering what I would use to prop up the gun so you could actually see it in the box.  I came up with all sorts of elaborate expensive ideas.  Then, I had a passing conversation with my Dad who told me they often use shot gun shells at gun shows to prop pistols up for display. Since this gun does not use shells, I decided to keep it simple.  I went out into our backyard and found a stick of the perfect diameter.  It looks rustic and does the trick, don't you think?! 

When we first acquired the gun, I thought, "What am I suppose to do with this thing?"  Somehow, the acrylic box really makes it feel important and special. 

 I think an acrylic box can make almost any random accessory feel important.  If you need a custom size, expect to pay a bit more.  I used John with AZCustomPlastics, and he was super nice.  It did take a couple of months to get it.  But the quality is great, and I got exactly what I wanted.    

Alternatively, if you purchase a basic size (like for a football or baseball), the price is very reasonable and you get the same impact.  Here's an example I found online just by googling "acrylic display box."   

Order a basic box, and then find something to put in it!! You will be amazed. . .  

On another note, my posting is going to be sporadic this week.  People are beginning to prepare for the fall season and holidays to come.  So, I have a couple of redesigns this week.  Redesigns are an easy way to make your current space feel fresh and new without buying any additional furnishings.  If you are feeling the need to do the same, call me.  I can create a fresh new space for you too!    

Have a great start to your week! M. 


  1. Love how you preserved this family heirloom. Acrylic boxes are great for display - great idea and execution!

  2. what a smart, inexpensive solution to buy the pre made boxes if they are the right size. I use these for stacking "collections" in my kids rooms. They're great..

  3. Great idea....it really gives it so much more presence when you display it like that!


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