Find of the Week - Custom Canvas Artwork

Look what came in the mail yesterday!!  Megan at Easy Canvas Prints asked me to do a product review of a custom canvas. I loved the idea and decided to focus on creating something for my son's bathroom.  He has a couple of pieces of original artwork from school; but the space really needed something to pull it all together.  

So, I started by finding a picture of him doing something he loves - skim boarding.  He does this for hours at the beach.  In fact, this past summer, I looked up from my book to see him surround by a dozen little boys.  He was teaching them all his tricks.  Too cute.  So, I snapped this picture.  

When I showed him the picture, he said, "Whaaaat?! Nooo Mommmmm.  That is totally uncool to have a picture of yourself in your bathroom!"  Well, he IS 11 years old and it's all about being cool these days.

   So, here's what I did to make it work (for both of us).  I took the original photograph and using photo editing software came up with this Andy Warhol like effect.  There are lots of free photo editing websites to make any picture look like this with the click of a button.  
The result - a piece of artwork that has some sentimental value.
I also think it makes his bathroom feel more grown up and not as cutesy as it once was when he was really small.  As for Easy Canvas, their website is so user friendly.  They walk you through each step to create your canvas, and then it ships super fast.  As a friend of mine once said about Zappos, "I clicked 'Order' on the computer and like Chinese take out, the doorbell rang!"  OK, maybe not that fast, but it was less than a week.

There are endless possibilities with this great product.  Here are a few images to get your brain thinking about the perfect spot in your house for a photo canvas.

I love the ferris wheel in the grouping.  Very different and eye catching.


Love a really huge Andy Warhol too.

Here they have combined a series of small canvases to give more impact.

And my favorite.  I saw this a couple of days ago and was totally smitten.  I have to confess, I am usually not a pink person, but it works so well in this space (along with those photographs).  It feels like such a modern take on portraits.  

If you have time, please click over and check out Easy Canvas.  They are my newest sponsor, so please show them some love!!!  Have a marvelous weekend.  See you Monday. M.


  1. Wow that looks amazing, and what a cute subject you had:) Adorable!!
    I love this kind of thing, have given these as gifts as they make incredible gifts. Always great to discover a new source will check them out now..thanks!

  2. Very very cool. Your son is adorable! I like that example the best, honestly...but that gallery with the ferris wheel is pretty cool too! I'm hanging onto this info for when I am inspired to make some art out of some photography - thanks!

  3. Every time I see one of those....I think...must do!!! Especially for a client, as they would love it. Your son is quite cute :)


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