If I Were Handy . . .

I would zip over to IKEA and pick up this for $299.00 . . . 

Then I would order some chalk paint which is very forgiving and easy to work with.  I would get it in this color . . . 

Then I would sand off a bit of the paint on the edges to let the original color show through like this . . . 

Then I would change the hardware to these ($4.76 each) . . . 

And get a very similar look to this for a fraction of the cost . . . 

This stunning piece retails for $1,500.00 and is on sale for $699.00 at Kings Lane this week.  

Artwork Tip: If you are in the Birmingham area and want to check out some amazing original artwork, my talented friend Ashley Terrell is in town showing off her work.  You can see and purchase her pieces on Thursday, September 29th from 10am-7pm at the home of Betts and Lauten Johnson (2201 Shades Crest Road). Ashley's calling the show "Art with Reach" which is so appropriately titled given her affordable prices!    Have a great day.  M.


  1. I love this post! It's a great way to show how you can recreate a beautiful piece for a fraction of the cost. Gotta love ikea! :)

  2. That inspirational piece is gorgeous! Love your Ikea hack idea, too!

    Have a great day!


  3. Love your idea! Wish we had an IKEA closer too!! I could do so much damage. Could be dangerous.

  4. What a pretty piece, Mandi! And you know hardware makes such a tremendous difference!

  5. Do it! Do it! Do it! I know you can......what a fabulous idea, I can so envision it, it would be amazing......

  6. The verdict is still out on just how handy I really am, but I must say... she is a charming piece! Your alterations sound amaze.

  7. Boy...in todays world it really is easy to inexpensively make a piece your own...but have it look like a million!!!

  8. Hi Mandi! I sell chalk paint in Sweden and have just borrowed your blog article to post on my blog because I thought it was such a clever idea (particularly the way you told the "story"). Of course I gave you all the credit and linked to your article. I hope you think this is OK. If not, let me know and I shall delete the article from my blog straight away...but I hope you take it as the compliment I meant it to be instead. Thank you for creating a lovely blog for us all to follow! Have a wonderful weekend. Yours, Sarah


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