Let's Talk Rooms - Study

Yesterday we were blessed with some cool weather, not cold or even chilly, but just pleasant, breezy hints of Fall.  It was such a great day, and now I have a toasty warm study/library on the brain.  Here are a few amazing ones to consider.

What a saturated wall color!  It looks like a deep green with a bit of peacock blue mixed in for good measure.  Love the fitted slipcover on the table and the velvet apple green chair. 

The lavender makes me think this study is for the lady of the house.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a place like this to retreat to when you need some peace and quiet? 

Love how the built-ins frame those windows.  I would open those windows to get a light breeze as I lounged on that sofa and enjoyed the fire. 

Notice the detail on the shades.  It looks like a large cut out circle - very cool.

The others made me think of hot chocolate or a nice cup of hot tea, but this one . . . for this one, it's a pinot noir all the way! 

I hope your weekend goes well, and you do something that makes you happy.  M.


  1. I love the mix of a rich deep color and a room full of books so a library is a great place to make this work. Love a deep saturated color in a dark green or blue, so dramatic and gorgeous!

  2. The lavendar is my favorite! Oh, to have a chic little Mom Cave to escape to!
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  3. There is just something so fantastic and welcoming about a library...maybe just because I love books...but that first library is so fantastic! That dark glossy paint has me wishing for a moody library room! (c:

  4. These are such gorgeous spaces! What I'd give to have a room like one of these in my home.

  5. Gorgeous! I love cozy rooms. I'd love to have a study one day! I would favor the feminine one you posted (SO PRETTY) but I know hubs would have a different look in mind. I think either way I'd be happy! :)


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