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OK, I first want to thank you for all the comments yesterday on the "top sheet" debate.  I loved reading them all and had no idea that many of you were already doing this.  I am not sure I want to give mine up yet, but the comments certainly gave me lots of food for thought!

Now, for today's post . . .

Please say Hello to my newest blog sponsor - 2dplan.  When I came across this website over the summer, I immediately wanted to share it with you.  If you love redesigning your spaces.  Or if you would like to redesign your spaces, but don't know where to start, you need to check out this product. 
It's called 2dplan and provides the graphic tools necessary to create a totally new furniture layout for your space.  What's great is you can create the space without moving a single piece of furniture to determine if you will like the new design.  Then, once you're satisfied with the layout, you can call in the hubby to give you a hand on moving everything. 

  When I first started working as an interior designer, I quickly realized it was so much easier for my clients to understand my vision for their space, if I included a diagram of the new furniture placement.  It isn't enough to show a client fabrics and new furniture pieces if they don't understand what you would do with the pieces.  Also, I find that once I go over the plan and the client has time to sit down and look at the new layout out and how the pieces relate to each other,  they begin to get comfortable with my vision for the space.  So, I always to include a diagram in every design plan I complete for a client. 

So, if you are like me, a small business owner who works from home but insists on producing a professional product at an affordable price, you should consider this software.  But, 2dplan isn't just for interior designers.  They have software that would be very useful to architects, landscape architects, and those in the construction business who are looking to market their properties in an effective way.  

Also, this would be the perfect Christmas gift for any young person who is considering going into a design field - as well as those who are just graduating with a degree in the same.  

The software is super simple to navigate, and there are programs designed specifically for each category of design.  There are also tutorials on each software program for you to "try before you buy."  Additionally, 2dplan gives you a free downloadable sample of a few of their symbols all of which are very professional.  If you have time this week, please go on their website and take a look.  At the very least, it might inspire you to re-arrange your space!!  


  1. Oh, will look into this...sounds great!! Take care, Caroline

  2. Is it east to use? I have always drawn everything out by hand. Do you have to be computer savoy to use it?


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