Trend Spotting - African Pillows

Last week, I was chatting with Donna of Fabricadabra via email about some of the new things in her shop.  She mentioned some new African pillows.  Well, kuba fabric automatically popped into my brain.  For years now, it's been all the rage.   

But she was actually referring to these very cool wax print pillows.  They are created with a technique using wax to design a pattern on the fabric that is then dyed different contrasting colors.  These pillows are so intricately designed, and the vibrant colors offer real impact in a space.   Oddly enough, the Dutch have dominated the market in producing these (even regions of Africa covet the Dutch produced versions).  So, I hopped on line to take a look.  

Each one is like a little piece of artwork!  The handmade nature of the pattern gives each pillow a one of a kind feel.  These chic, hip, ultra bohemian pillows are also popping up in Elle Decor as well as a few on line magazines which makes them my trend spotting item of the week!  

Here are my favorites from Fabricadabra.

Now, for a little room inspiration . . . 

This is the home of fashion model Eugenia.  It was photographed by the talented Ricardo Labougle.  I love the modern artwork, neutral sofa and those gorgeous pillows.

The wax pillows really seem to work well with Scandinavian design.

This is an image from the latest TradHome online magazine.  Love the pillows coupled with the sofa.  That one long cushion on the sofa in a fretwork pattern is singing to me!  

This is from Lonny online magazine.  Do you see those pillows in the acrylic swing?!

Again, the most recent issue of Lonny.  Do you see the trend?!

This is a second shot of Eugenia's living room.  Love the purple fabric in those grayish wooden arm chairs.  

I think these pillows look fantastic with Scandinavian design, mixed into a very neutral traditional space or anything modern, mid-century modern, etc.  For more wax pillows designs, go see Donna at Fabricadabra.  She has something for everyone.  Happy Weekend! M.


  1. Interesting. Though I probably wouldn't have given them a second look if I hadn't seen them in your post. Great colors.

  2. I must say those are quite the vibrant colors and eye catching graphics. Stunning!

  3. Anything tribal always grabs my attention so I enjoyed this post! I really love how they look against the white, rustic's a cool look.

  4. Wow the colors are incredible!! Take care, Caroline

  5. Very fun! Great post!
    Thanks for your comment today too!
    Have a great weekend Mandi!

  6. Gorgeous! I love the punch of color and interest they add to the rooms.

  7. Gorgeous colors and striking patterns, they would be such add such a fun touch to any space.

  8. Gorgeous! It's wonderful when a space can get a lift from such a small item as a pillow!

    I appreciate your comments on my blog!

  9. My favorite is the orange pillow. These designs are all so intricate and pretty!

    Love your inspirational images as well!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


  10. Great eye! I don't think I would have spotted this trend on my own. Love the colors

  11. I grew up in Africa so it is fabulous to see these fabrics catching on interior design! I love the bright pops of colour and beautiful patterns - they are instantly uplifting!

  12. Really pretty pillows. Love how the designs all seem to work well together..

  13. Mandi- Thanks! So nice to know about the origins of the fabrics. I learn so much from your blog.

    Wouldn't the fabrics look nice covering a sofa or chair, too? That would be a bold move.


  14. Wow, I had not noticed these. Great trend-spotting post. Love how they work in a variety of interiors. I'll be on the lookout from now on!

    By the way, I'm adding you to my blogroll - it needs some updating badly! Oh, and congrats on your first year of blogging. You're a much more dedicated blogger than I am.

  15. This is so funny as I bought some pretty African clothes at Scott's last month to make pillows!!!

  16. OMG... those are great inspiration photos! Now I have a lot of ideas for my fabric! Thanks!


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