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I often get emails from friends who are smitten with interior design and architecture and want to bring certain people to my attention.  Honestly, I'm not sure I could post half of what I do without their tips and links to amazing properties.  This is one of those examples.  A great friend sent me the link to Anna Evans architecture firm here in Birmingham, Alabama.  Well, suffice it to say, she's uber talented.  Just look at her work, and I think you'll agree. 

These tudor style homes are very popular here in Birmingham.  
It really is one of the prettiest cities in the South.

But what I think makes Anna's work a bit different, in a very refreshing way, are the small modern details she has included just to punch it up.  Notice the super sleek modern glass railing she has included on this traditional style home.  So interesting.  Not to mention the red shutter in the picture above. 

Also, I love the asian inspired gutter chains seen in the left of this picture.

Just look at that ceiling - elegant and rustic all at the same time.  I also love those doors with the 24 window panes 3/4 of a way down! Total statement. 

LOVE the chandelier she's included over this kitchen island - trying to convince a client as we speak to do one large chandelier rather than pendants.  If this example does not persuade . . . 

OK, so I'm clicking through the images and stop on this one.  
First, Anna is just as talented with interior design as she is with architecture.  But, as I looked at the image, it hit me!! 

I've been in this house. . . . 

The homeowner and I hosted a baby shower in her home for a mutual friend last Spring!! 

Afterwards, I tried to describe this house to several friends and words just could not express the feel of this home.  I even thought, it really needs to be photographed (too funny)! My favorite thing about this room are the valances on the window treatments.  I am all about a basic neutral panel as this will never become dated in a space, but how clever to use a current fabric for the valance.  Also, since it is only a valance, you will save a ton of money and get the look.  Love this idea.  

So, now I have the images to share with them and you too!  Isn't it fresh and lovely?  The homeowners are young and have small children.  I think it is the perfect mix of adult traditional yet still fun and hip. 

Love the gallery wall, pendant and the roman shade in linen on the french doors. 

If you have time, do click over and see her portfolio.  It's quite the "pick me up" on a Tuesday!! M.


  1. This is my first visit to your blog, and when I saw the English Tudors, and then you mentioned Birmingham, I assumed your were talking about the one in England!!! Your pictures are lovely.

  2. What beautiful work! It was funny to see the antiqued mirror since I did a whole post on that today. And that laundry room is one of the best I have ever seen!

  3. Very talented. I love when women can multi task! Love her style. I will check out her portfolio.

  4. What gorgeous the beautiful color palette and the ceiling in the living room...fabulous!!

  5. Such beautiful spaces. Thanks for sharing this uber-talented lady! Off to check out more of her portfolio.

    Oh, just did a post on my re-styled mantel and thought of you because of all your helpful advice. Thank you!

  6. This is a beautiful home, inside and out! Love the bathroom and the kitchen!

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    Have a great week.


  7. Sooo stately and elegant...think I have the same rug in my post master bedroom post today. Put you on my Blog it all!!!

  8. Gorgeous. There are SO many beautiful things to look at in that house!

  9. Just found your blog! :) What a gorgeous home, also love the valance idea in a modern fabric.


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