Get the Look- Living Room

Let's kick off the week with a second installment of "Get the Look."  Today we are going to focus on this fabulous living room.  I just love the idea of using four chairs in a space like this.  In fact, I posted about this very idea for a living room.

Here's our inspiration. . . 

I know!  It's stunning.  So fresh and crisp - but not tied to a specific season.  I could totally see this space in the Spring/Summer months or in the Fall/Winter months.  Really nice combination.  Also, it's modern but with a cottage vibe - very difficult to pull off.  This is the work of Atlanta based interior design firm - The Design Atelier.  This one was a major challenge.  In fact, while I was sourcing it, I thought several times, "Now, why did I decide to do this series?!"  I hope you enjoy my efforts!  

Here are my finds for this lovely room. 

(1.) (2.) (3.) (4.) (5.) (6.) (7.) (8.) (9.) (10.) (11.) (12.) (13.) (14.) (15.) (16.) (17.)

Happy Halloween! M.


  1. LOVE that living room! You did an amazing job sourcing!!

  2. This post is perfect. I was just thinking about this layout last night as a possibility for my sad empty front library. That rooms needs to be comfy enough to encourage someone to go in and sit and read away from the TV, and at the same time be nice enough to entertain a little company once and awhile. Perhaps the 4 chairs idea might just be the way to go. Hmmm.......

  3. I love it how you broke down all of the steps to create this room and all of the source information. Really helpful.

  4. I am sure it took you quite a while to come up with all the sources for this gorgeous room but you did great! You nailed each one of them!

    I love this living room inspiration!

    Have a Happy Halloween, Mandi!


  5. JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I was visiting my friend in Jacksonville and she had four chairs like comfortable Love your artwork and birch wood.

  6. This is amazing !!! I know it was a lot of work but you totally nailed it!

  7. Such a pretty interpretation of this amazing room! (I think I might like it better than the original!) Thanks for breaking it down :)

  8. This is amazing that you did this. Love this living room


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