Kitchen Project

Thought you might like to see a kitchen design I just completed for a first time homeowner.  The kitchen is not huge.  So, I wanted to lighten up the space to achieve a more open airy feel.      

Here's the visual design board for the project. . . 

My goal with this plan is to work with the current layout and simply freshen up the space with new materials.  The kitchen has old fashioned knotty pine cabinetry (in a honey stained finish) and lemon yellow laminate countertops (not kidding).  We will change out the countertops; but rather than start over with the cabinetry (which can be very expensive), we are going to whitewash them.  I think it will give the kitchen so much character.

As with most of my design plans, I give my clients all the resources they need to complete the plan.  Then I'm here to help as they need it.  Some want me to handle all the details while other clients want to take the plan and implement it on their own.  Hopefully, this client will send me pictures of the competed project!  M.

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Enjoy your day! M.


  1. Love it...especially the pickled finish on the pine cabinets! Take care, Caroline

  2. Lovely design! That counter will look fantastic.

  3. Beautiful ideas and inspirations..will be fun to watch it come together!

  4. Love what you're doing here. Hope we get to see the end result!


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