My Weekend & Other Randomness

I had a fun weekend and thought I would share a few pictures with you.  My kids were out of school on Monday for a teacher workday, so we decided to visit my family in Mississippi.

My parents live outside the city on a large piece of beautiful wooded property.  Every Fall for as long as I can remember, my Dad hosts an annual Dove Shoot and my husband and son are elated about the whole thing.  This year, we were not able to attend as it was the same weekend of the first Auburn football game, but lucky enough (maybe not for the doves), the season reopened this weekend and my son got to shoot with my Dad.  

For those who are sad (right about now) about shooting the birds, just know these birds do not lose their lives just for sport.  My Mom is an amazing cook, and wild game is one of her specialties. 

The Menu

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Dove
Grilled Italian Sausage
Roasted Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes
Wild Rice salad
Parker House Rolls

My children love going to see my family and they are always treated with some very interesting activities.  This trip they milked a cow, played some variation of dodge ball in the Church youth center for a relative's birthday party, swam (I thought they were crazy, but it was in the 80's that day) in my cousin's pool, played war at my brother's house (he has built the most unbelievable tree house that I promise to post about at some point), got to see a raccoon up close.

I love to see the looks on their faces when some of these experiences present themselves.  So, I know your wondering, "Did I milk the cow?"  No, you have to get up waay to early in the morning, but I did relax and enjoy my mini vacation to the country.  I read, and chatted with my parents and other relatives the entire trip.  I also had time to study my Mom's cookbooks for recipes for the Fall.  I love to do that since I always feel like my books become boring.

I also picked some wild flowers that are everywhere you turn down there.

I grew up calling these are Black Eyed Susans, but they may be some form of a Shasta daisy.  Just love.  They look as though they're trying to jump out of the vase!

I also managed to snag some fresh eggs from my uncles chicken coop, and my brother gave me some beer he made.  It's a hobby of his!  What can I say, he's a doctor in our small town, but I guess a chemist (with benefits) is one of his many talents!

When we got home, I had a package waiting for me!  I order this sweater for the winter from Boden and I love it!! The color is so yummy and cozy for winter.
I'm going to wear my with tights and riding boots and one of those great long necklaces.

PS: My children have half days all the rest of the week, so posting my be spotty.  I'm planning on taking advantage of this time with them!  Have a marvelous day! M.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, I can just smell that fresh air! We used to visit a hunt club in Mexico, where they would serve duck and a slice of jalepeno wrapped in bacon with a thousand island dressing for dipping ~ superb!

    Okay, I need a sweater dress to live in with my boot and tights, I am on that hunt....

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  3. I've always called them black eyed susans, too! Love your new sweater-- time to wrap up in fall luxe :).
    Check out my new site if you get a minute-- I'd love your thoughts.
    xo Heidi

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and the food looks delicious! Your sweater looks very adorable, too.

    Thanks for your well wishes, Mandi!



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