Redesign - Vestavia Home

I thought you might like to see what I've been doing with my time lately.  This is a redesign I've been working on for a incredibly fun client in Vestavia, Alabama.  For redesigns, I take a client's current furnishings, and completely rearrange each room.  I move pieces from room to room, rehang artwork in new and fresh groupings, and totally restyle all accessories in the space.

 When I finish, the client has a brand new space.  Short of painting, redesigns are the most affordable way to achieve a new look in your home.  Once I complete the process,  I like to make suggestions on new pieces to enhance the space.  No more anxiety over wondering whether a piece of furniture you find will actually work in your space.   You will know exactly what to look for when you're out shopping.      

This is the first thing you see when you enter the front door.  This space had several small pieces - a chair, small round table and several items hanging on the wall.  I took a less is more approach and selected one large scale table, with a custom pleated skirt.  This table is the only new furnishing  purchased by the homeowner for this entire redesign.  All the other furnishings they already had in different rooms of their home.

Here's a close up of the tape we included on the bottom for interest.

And we topped it off with a custom aged mirror top for some sparkle and glamour.  I then added a bowl of pumpkins for the season.  All the other accessories, the homeowner already had in other rooms of her home.

This family lives in every single room of their home.  This is one of their main living spaces.

The doors to the left lead to a screened porch while the doorway to the right leads to the kitchen and den.  The parsons chairs flanking the chest were originally in the dining room, the artwork was over the mantle and the olive jars were in the bookshelves. 

The client has an amazing collection of olive jars, so I highlighted a pair of them here.  

This view is looking back towards the front door.  I moved the low console table in from her master bedroom.  Originally, there was a large asian inspired armoire on this wall.  I think the console gives the space a more open feel while the artwork grounds the wall and gives it impact.   Also, love the large artwork on the wall leading into this space. 

Here's a close up of the bookshelves to the left of the fireplace.

The console had crystal knobs giving it a bedroom feel, so we changed them out for these brass pulls - simple change but lots of impact. 

And last, but not least - this photograph of their spunky dog, Chet.  He's so adorable!

I have pictures from other rooms, but I am out of time for today!  I promise to share more soon. M.

PS: Blogger has not been cooperating with me on my giveaway.  Thanks for the emails about this.  I will try to fix the problem today on being able to leave a comment on the giveaway page.  If any of you bloggers out there have a trick, I would love to hear it!  


  1. Ok, now please spill it about the decorative tape on the table skirt! This would be perfect for my dining room drapes in progress!! Lovely job giving a fresh take on their "goodies". :)
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  2. Gorgeous! Perfect in every way. Please tell where you found the beautiful tape!! Love it!

  3. OMG Mandi you are SO talented!! I am uber impressed. Especially love the skirted table and the bottom detail!

  4. Ditto! This looks like a fantastic pairing of beuatiful pieces by the homeowner combined with your incredible talent. What a fantastic job you did! I'd also love the know about the tape - that antiqued glass is a cool idea too vs. regular glass love that idea. Well done Mandi!

  5. Thanks for all the sweet comments! My client will be thrilled. As for the tape on the skirted table. I got it locally and it's by Braemore. It comes in lots of different colors! M.

  6. Beautiful the touch with antique mirror that element. Beautiful, warm, elegant and inviting home as well...must be fun to be working there!! Look forward to hearing/seeing more!

  7. The house has really great interior design.It's very artistic. It has some eastern European touch to it's decoration.

  8. Really wonderful, Mandi. That round table in the entry really makes the space. I love the tailored style of the tablecloth and that mirrored top. Just great!

  9. Wow! Such high impact changes with so little dough. Now that's my kind of decorating! The house is just beautiful.

  10. Gorgeous redesign...a beautiful home. Love all the special touches you added. Can you comment on the artwork? Was it recently purchased? Love the piece over the fireplace, the abstract and the 4 pieces over the console. Can you share any resources?

  11. What a beautiful redesign. It looks fantastic. Love when things come together on a budget!

  12. Who knew a room could be so transformed without buying tons of new pieces! Great work!

  13. What wonderful tweaking...adore the antiqued mirror and the tape on the tableskirt...fabulous!!


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