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Recently, I asked Amber from Simple Dwellings to come over and give you her thoughts on interior design.  To my delight, she said yes!  So, here are her thoughts on her 10 favorites in design.

Hello! I'm Amber from Simple Dwellings and I am super excited to be here at Mandi's blog today, discussing my top 10 favorites in interior design! I love Mandi's creative blog and gorgeous design style. I love that she incorporates antiques with new pieces and blends traditional with modern. My design philosophy is similar... I also love to pair different styles together and mix vintage finds with modern pieces. I could talk about interior design all day, so I had a lot of fun putting together a collection of 10 of my favorite ideas, trends and styles for you today!

My Top 10 Design Favorites
I would begin by painting the walls a soft gray. Although not pictured here, I love Alaskan Husky by benjamin moore. It's a subtle blue/gray that almost shows white at certain times of the day. A light wall color can be the subtle backdrop for dramatic art, colorful pillows and an airy feel to the space.
1. I love adding natural woven textures to a space. It helps to bring the outdoors in and is a great way to add texture to a room. This pendant from west elm does exactly that! (It's also on sale right now too!)
2. This modern take on a traditional wing back chair is one of my all time favorites! I have used this chair in a few room designs and it is a versatile piece that blends modern with traditional to perfection!
3. This suzani fabric has so many great colors and is a great way to bring a room's hues together. I love to add colorful pillows with neutral seating, so switching out colors in the space doesn't cost a fortune. I recently had a pillow made in this fabric, and it looks great in person!
4. I love the look of gallery walls! Whether the grouping is symmetrical or not, I can never get over this look in any space! Gallery walls are great for family photos, art or a mix of both.
5. I love the look of dramatic wallpaper! This traditional peacock print is made more modern with its larger scale images. Wallpaper can be done in smaller doses, by framing large pieces, or accomplished on a larger scale, with one or more walls papered. 
6. I think it's fun when a space has a touch of whimsy. This hand sculpture can be placed on a console or coffee table for an unexpected twist! I love to add at least one whimsical piece to any space.
7. I love the look of chevron and use this rug a lot in my designs. It's a fun print that blends well with traditional and modern rooms. It is definitely one of those eye catching accessories!
8. Another way to draw your eye up and make a bold statement in a room is with lighting. This chandelier is fun and makes you stop and take notice. Proper lighting is so crucial to taking a space to the next level and large, dramatic lighting is helpful for that! 
9. I also believe that a space must be both fun and functional. Comfortable seating and storage makes a room feel inviting and practical. I love the use of leather furniture in a space, and this ottoman doubles as storage and seating/place to rest your feet. 
10. And last but not least, I also love adding a bit of coastal charm to a space. I have had my eye on this coral table lamp for a while. I love using coral in a room, and the fact that this doubles as a beautiful light also helps!

Thanks for having me here today, Mandi! It was so much fun thinking about my design favorites! Stop by my blog and say hi some time!

What are your all time favorite interior designs?!  Would love to hear.  M.


  1. Beautiful choices, also love wovens and textures, and yes to gallery walls!

  2. Great job Amber...I love all of those things...even starting with the wall color!

  3. Thanks so much for having me here today, Mandi! I had so much fun thinking about my design favorites! Have a great day. :)

  4. Really wonderful design thoughts! Take care, Caroline

  5. I want every single one of these things for my living room! Amber did a fabulous job and I'm glad I've found another great blog!


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