Trend Spotting - Silhouettes

I've been seeing them everywhere.   

The great news . . . 
They are super easy to make at home.

Love how they look in a space that mixes traditional and modern elements. 

They can also be mixed very easily with other objects like plates in this example.

Even in a bathroom.  This is fun because you can use any size and group them for major impact.

Also, if you use family members as your subjects, the artwork becomes more meaningful.

If they seem to stark or bland, you can always add color with an interesting mat.  Then vary the shape of the frames too. 

Look at these.  A funky twist on the idea by using animals! 

And it doesn't stop with wall art.  

They even look great with Halloween decor!! 

Here's the best tutorial I've seen on creating your very own.

Happy Tuesday. M.  


  1. I have silhouettes of my children hanging in the upstairs hallway, but I may want to relocate them to show them off now! Love seeing the animals mixed in, too. :)
    Enjoy your day, M!

  2. We must notice the same things...I am such a fan of this look, and I have a fun post about cameos coming up later this week!

  3. I love how this age old trend is resurfacing in a graphic new way. Beautiful images!

  4. You're killing me! I'm obsessed with silhouettes:

  5. Very modern and traditional at the same time. Wish I had more wall space!


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