What do you get when . . .

You have one of these . . . 

That drops lots of these . . . 

Then you add in a pair of these . . . [picture is from the summer]

Armed with these (and a little cashola, to sweeten the deal) . . .

You get this . . .

It gets expensive to fill this orchid bowl with fresh orchids.  So, I opted for a Fall flare for the season!  

How about you?  Have you gotten your Fall Decor up and out! 
 Even just a hint of the season is fun!  Have a great day. M.


  1. How fun! Everyone participated in this fall project:) Take care, Caroline

  2. I really need to start my fall decorating! The only thing I've done is bring a pot of mums home from my sister's wedding over the weekend! Sheesh, I better get on it!

  3. Clever!! Beautiful..and I love that the whole family got involved!

  4. Great idea! What a great way to get everyone in the spirit! :) I did just add some decor to our front porch. This is my favorite time of year!


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