Yes, It's Monday

How will you approach your day? 

You have a couple of options.

I had such an interesting and relaxing weekend.  It all started with hearing the talented Charlotte Moss speak at the Botanical Gardens here in Birmingham.  She was engaging, charming, spunky and informative.  Since this was a garden affair, she spent a great deal of time on gardens that inspire her and then shared pictures from her own garden.  After all the images she shared of French gardens, I wanted to plan a trip to France!

 The rest of my weekend was productive but in a laid back kind of way.  We got up Saturday morning and went out for breakfast (which is always fun and a great way to get your day started early).  Then to the farmers' market for pumpkins and then for pansies for our back area.  The kids hung out with friends all day, and we worked in the yard.  In the evening, I threw together a yummy dinner, and we lounged around and watched football.  After a weekend like this, it's hard to jump start on a Monday.  I hope your break was a good one too!

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Now, get going on your day! M.


  1. What a wonderful weekend you had!! Take care, Caroline

  2. Your weekend sounds perfect. Mine was simliar quite relaxing, dinner with a few couples, long walks with hubby and Teddy, family time, lots of chaffeuring my son and his friends (happy to do it), time for cleaning closets, its time to roll up my sleeves and get busy with the work week!

  3. Perfect indeed. What fun images you have here! I'm ready for another weekend!

  4. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I would have loved to hear Charlotte Moss. Hubby and I visted a historical site then we went to a Fall festival. A fun weekend.


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